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Challenges for AI in Healthcare

Recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have unlocked new potentials in healthcare which can significantly improve patient outcomes. AI is aiding in better diagnosis and management of diseases such as kidney disease, and enhancing the overall diagnostics and analysis of patient data​​. However, the healthcare industry's unique nature poses challenges to AI development and deployment, including:


Overcoming Healthcare AI Challenges Together

Navigating the healthcare AI landscape requires addressing key challenges while aligning with industry standards and modalities. Here's how we partner with our clients to overcome these hurdles:


Benefits of Our HealthAssist Solutions

Our HealthAssist solutions are designed to address the critical needs of various stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem. Here's a breakdown of the benefits:


Some of Our HealthAssist Applications

Our HealthAssist solutions assist clinicians in delivering timely and effective treatments. Examples include:

Chest X-ray Triaging

Automated triage of chest X-rays utilizing HealthAssist expedites the identification of critical cases such as pneumothorax or cardiac anomalies, ensuring timely intervention by clinicians.

Osteoarthritis Detection

HealthAssist enables early detection of osteoarthritis from radiographic images, allowing for early intervention and personalized treatment planning by clinicians.

Thyroid Nodule Classification

HealthAssist's application for thyroid nodule malignancy prediction using ultrasound significantly enhances diagnostic accuracy, reduce unnecessary procedures, and aids clinicians in effective management of thyroid nodules.

Pulmonary Disease Classification

Leveraging HealthAssist for detailed classification and quantification of pulmonary diseases such as COPD and interstitial lung diseases enhances diagnostic accuracy and treatment planning by clinicians.

Fracture Classification

Automated identification and classification of fractures using HealthAssist helps doctors in assessing severity, expedites treatment planning and improves communication among the multidisciplinary clinician team.

Tuberculosis Detection

HealthAssist allows clinicians to quickly and accurately detect the presence of tuberculosis, aiding in timely treatment and containment.


Why Work With Us

As we navigate through the challenges and opportunities in the healthcare sector, our expertise and collaborative approach set us apart. Here’s why partnering with us is a strategically sound choice:


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