In this job market, more workers are choosing AI over humans for career advice

- A record number of open job positions in the economy reflects an unprecedented reevaluation of work and life during Covid.

- Workers are quitting in large numbers.

- As employees seek new opportunities and skills, AI is becoming a popular source of professional advice, and companies including Oracle and IBM are betting it will be a key to employee management and retention.


An artificial intelligence tool is helping retailers and manufacturers weather the holidays by simulating supply chain issues before they happen

- Digital twins are used by businesses to run simulations and identify issues before they occur.

- Companies are using digital twins to stress-test their supply chains, Technology Review reported.

- Digital twins use data on social media, consumers, and global factors to run simulations.


AI’s Smarts Now Come With a Big Price Tag

As language models get more complex, they also get more expensive to create and run. Some companies are locked out.

Calvin Qi, who works at a search startup called Glean, would love to use the latest artificial intelligence algorithms to improve his company’s products.

Glean provides tools for searching through applications like Gmail, Slack, and Salesforce. Qi says new AI techniques for parsing language would help Glean’s customers unearth the right file or conversation a lot faster.

But training such a cutting-edge AI algorithm costs several million dollars. So Glean uses smaller, less capable AI models that can’t extract as much meaning from text.

“It is hard for smaller places with smaller budgets to get the same level of results” as companies like Google or Amazon, Qi says. The most powerful AI models are “out of the question,” he says.


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