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Building cost-effective minimal viable products (MVPs) to achieve product market fit 3-5x faster

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"Using a minimum viable product (MVP) to test a business model is probably the most popular startup launch scheme. World-famous Uber, Dropbox, Figma and Slack started their way to unicorn status with MVPs."

Forbes, Dec 2021

Grow your business with SmartMVP

An MVP is the version of a new product that allows the team to gather the maximum amount of proven customer knowledge with the least amount of effort.
We develop effective mobile (IOS and Android) applications as well as web applications to accelerate your path to growth.

Corporate ventures, startups and investors trust us with MVP development to get to product-market fit faster.

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Identify the core purpose

No matter where you envision your end product, you have to start somewhere and scale up. The rule of thumb is to summarize your venture's core purpose in one sentence. This helps bring clarity and focus to your business and establishes the foundation upon which the next steps are built.

For example, what problem does your startup solve? What gap in the market does it fill? Who does this product or service help?

Select the initial key features

Once the product's core purpose is established, you can begin to determine the essential building blocks of the MVP. Are these key features best delivered as a mobile (IOS and/or Android) application, web application or something else? Your goal is to test if the initial model can prove successful in offering the product's core purpose to clients.

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Build and launch

After choosing the few key features, you can start building your MVP. The goal at the MVP application development stage is to avoid unnecessary costs that will not serve the product and instead concentrate resources on making the best quality must-haves. By building and testing an MVP, you may find that the core purpose changes and that your end product varies from the initial vision.

Test and analyze the feedback

Testing is the most important part of the MVP process — a real moment of truth. Whether the product is released to a smaller group of individuals or has moved past the alpha stage and is more widely launched, you will need to define how you will measure success and get relevant feedback.

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Iterate and improve

Building an MVP, remember that you should develop a well balanced product according to your customers' desires. Then collect feedback and analytical data from tests to continue the development flow and improve the product.

Be ready to continually listen to your venture's customers and enhance your product to make it most relevant for your chosen market.

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